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This Coming Weekend

Saturday 29th November

1st Team vs. No Game

2nd Team vs. EBOG (Home) 14.15 K/O, League

3rd Team vs. Old Garchonians (Away) 14.15 K/O, League

4th Team vs. HSBC (Home) 14.15 K/O, League

5th Team vs. South Bank Cuaco (Away) 14.15 K/O, League

6th Team - Old Wilsonians (Away) 14.15 K/O, League

Sunday 30th November

Under 8s vs. Bedfont Eagles Sports (Away), League

Under 11s vs. ???? (Away), League

Under 12s vs Junior Bees (Away), League

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Last Weekend 22nd/23rd November

1st - 1 - 0 West Wickham

2nd - 2 - 3 Dorkinians

3rd - No Game

4th - 0 - 3 West Wickham

5th - No Game

6th - No Game

U8s - No Game

U11s - No Game

U12s - 3 - 2 Twickenham Tigers

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Top Goal Scorers

1. Will Taylor
2. Jason Thomas
3. Dulaine Richards

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Golden Gloves

1. Angus Lees
2. Arturs Ivanovs
3. Alex Herbert

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